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The server has been split in 2 - one for the gallery (denada.dk) and one for the rest. The web-server has been sent off to a colo in Sweden and the 'remains' is still at home. Time will tell what will be running on the home-server..
www has been moved to a new disk - now there is 111GB for pictures etc.
The interface for the URL-catcher has been taken offline. A specific site thought it was harmful for their business..


The server is now running on a 2.8HGHZ P4 HT-system


Oh -late update. kbhavn.openbeer.dk has been hosted by me for a while. Regular backups to DVD is happening now (for obvious reasons).


the systemdisk in the server has crashed and all my mot personal documents etc. have been lost. The virtual directories are being recovered from backup, but everything else under /~rene/ is forever gone.


Server has bene replaced twice since summer and is now running on a dual PIII@866MHz.
Furthermore I have moved to a new location and with me the server. In other news, dustpuppy.dk and pics.denada.dk are now being hosted on this machine.


I am replacing the server. please hold.


the server has been replaced and almost everything is in place again.
most of the 'action' is going on here


the server is being moved to another location. please hold